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Vitality: A Root Chakra Sound Bath Meditation


Vitality: A Root Chakra Sound Bath Meditation

Guided Meditation, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Grids, Discussion Circle
For Woman & Men 16+
Thursday, October 20, 6-9pm
@Brittany Marie Smith’s Office – 219A 21st Street East, Saskatoon, SK


Class Description

A guided meditation using crystal singing bowls with Brittany Marie Smith, Katherine Dempsey, and products from Vibe H2O Wellness Center. This workshop teaches you to use meditation and other metaphysical tools to level emotions and behaviors typically associated with imbalances in the root chakra.

Three hours focused on the root chakra using guided meditation to the sound of crystal singing bowls, crystal grids, chakra waters and sprays, affirmations, visualizations, mantras, and root chakra group discussions.

We deliver this workshop with the full intention to reduce stress levels and increase calmness. Restoring vitality, self-worth, well-being, survival, trust, and energy-levels.

Come have a look inside. Separate truth from illusion in a full out guided meditation sound bath using the power of crystal grid intention and potions!


Registration Details

Ready to accept the challenge?
Thursday, October 20, 2016 6-9pm
10 spots available
$39 with all products included

Contact Brittany to Register
email/facebook: smith.brittany@gmail.com

Don’t forget to take the chakra quiz!



Q: I want to learn the basics of meditation. Is this the right class for me?
A: It’s preferred participants have previous experience with meditation before joining. However, we will not reject beginner meditators, if they feel a deep resonance with this class. If it calls to you, then feel free to join us.

If you do want a beginner meditation class, click here.

Q: I want to resolve things and grow, but I’m worried about being in a group setting.
A: Rest assured most everyone in the class has some nervousness about their personal details in a group setting. You aren’t alone in your nervousness, and it doesn’t take long to get over it, when you realize you have an incredible supporting and trusting group.
If you absolutely can’t bare a group setting, then perhaps consider taking private coaching sessions from myself.

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