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Chakras Quiz

This chakra quiz was developed by Brittany Marie Smith to bring more understanding to imbalances and behaviors typically associated with the lower three chakras.

Complete the quiz to identify imbalances in your own chakras. Receive the results and use this information to determine, if you’re a good candidate for the upcoming Chakra Warrior pilot coaching program announced in the upcoming chakra cleanse class.

While chakras do represent energy centers in our bodies, where energy can flow through. We like to associated behavior, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs with the chakras. If there’s an imbalance or blockage in the system, energy cannot flow as readily and may lead to health, psychological, emotional issues, and negative thought patterns.


1.I make choices regardless of other’s opinions
2.I have the bravery to free myself from relationship confinements no longer serving me
3.I feel safe, stable, and secure with myself and my relationships
4.I have an abundance of energy and am rarely sick
5.I feel my finances support my lifestyle and/or family
6.I enjoy the moments in life and don’t worry about the future
7.My sexuality exists to please and benefit me
8.I like to have fun and don’t take life too seriously
9.I generate ideas and action them to achieve what I desire
10.I spend money to increase my joy and happiness
11.I stand up for what I believe in
12.I can easily set boundaries against others
13.I honor my emotions, intellect, and confidence
14.I have healthy digestive functions
15.I am recognized and rewarded for my contributions
16.I have energy and clear direction for creativity and my life purpose