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Intuitive Coaching


Don’t know much about me or it’s our first time meeting? Then book a free half hour coaching consult or half hour card reading. This determines our working compatibility and displays my service style without wasting time or money. Also check out this blog post.

Brittany provides individual intuitive coaching based on client needs with guidance and logical direction leading to solutions in the below areas of expertise. Brittany uses both her experience (topics and blog posts listed below) and intuitive abilities (psychic, cards, numerology, mindfulness techniques, etc) during coaching sessions.

Coaching Topics (Areas of Expertise)

  • Guidance for growth, change, transformation, or healing. (Two options available:individual coaching and class series)
  • Improve current relationship, heal from a break-up, get your lover back, or set yourself up for a great future relationship.
  • Assisting men with social interactions and getting the girl (the game)
  • Thirsty for purpose, living the best life you can, grabbing the life you want, and transforming into the best version of yourself. (Two options available: individual coaching and class series)
  • To feel comfortable in your own skin, confident, manage stress, and just love life. (Two options available: individual coaching and class series)
  • More peaceful simple lifestyle with less stress, love and appreciation for life in the present moment, being mindful, learning a different way of looking at life, cleaning up your mind, body, and soul, and living the holistic better life your looking for. (Two options available: individual coaching and class series)
  • Improving mother-daughter relationships.


What’s the different between intuitive coaching and psychic card readings?

Coaching addresses topics requiring ongoing guidance to reach a solution. Card readings provide guidance on a situation or decision, validation, or a quick overview on where to focus to move forward. Think of a card reading as a small scale, where coaching is the long term big picture. With card readings, I identify areas to address, but you don’t have the guidance along the steps of the way like you would with coaching.

Clients can also use card readings to determine my service and guidance style for our working compatibility, for validation, or for quick guidance after going through my coaching program. When a situation comes up, and you want quick guidance, a card reading is for you.



After the first free consult, pricing ranges from $79-$149 per session depending on client needs.  Clients determine their needs and session frequency, but sessions may last up to two hours. Tasks and follow-ups may be assigned outside of sessions. There’s also phone, email, and texting options for clients whom feel they require additional assistance outside of sessions. All additional options included in session fee. Costs increase with the more follow-ups and contact a client needs outside of a session.