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Convert Men to Dedicated Partners Using Seduction Profiling

Since the first time I picked up Robert Greene’s book: Art of Seduction four years ago, I fell in love with profiling everyone I came across according to their seduction profiles. Now in my intuitive coaching business, I use defense strategies and seduction profiling, as part of my relationship coaching.




I spent my twenties dating to gain experience and understand men. As a young girl growing up watching my parents with a challenging marriage, I realized, in my early twenties, I knew nothing about having a relationship or treating men properly. Between the ages of twenty-three and twenty-five, I dated an estimated one hundred and twenty men. I gained experience, learned about men, treated some badly, learned to treat some right, and I figured out what not to do. I feel grateful for my past experiences and pain, because of how much it’s taught me about relationships.


Today, I’m still learning but from my long term relationships and client’s relationships. I’m appreciative of my current boyfriend, because I’ve learned about the dedication and work it takes to have a good relationship. I read books, blogs, watch videos, and have discussions on relationships all the time. I’m forever learning about them, and I love it.


Because of my experiences in my twenties, I’d make a great pick-up artist coach. However, I’m not into short term satisfaction. I want people to become the best versions of themselves, and I know it encompasses dedicated partnerships with others. After all, the only two things you grow from is love and pain. Short term pick-ups, running and hiding from relationships, or allowing others to get away with mistreatment doesn’t make you your best nor does it help others. That’s people avoiding pain and taking the easy way by numbing it out. If you continue hiding, running, letting people get away with mistreatment, or numbing your pain, you will never grow as a person.


Today, I feel I’m a relationship coach with good intentions. Helping people face pain to be real and loving, and from there they grow and have fulfilling rewarding relationships. I help woman love themselves and find their way through the pain and fear. Then I help the woman assert their boundaries, and within reason guide their partner through their pain and fear, and this combination creates dedicated partnerships where both can be healthy and grow to be the best versions of themselves together.


No more on and off relationships. No more wondering why your relationships don’t work. No more half-assed relationships. It’s time to get real and get what you want without manipulation, obsession, wondering, mistreatment or someone running and hiding. This isn’t one sided. It’s time everyone gets the best. That includes both you and him.


Knowing the individual’s seduction profile you’re dating or in a relationship with helps you understand them, their fears, and their characteristics. After you understand the games or easy buttons they use to avoid pain from fear of getting hurt and commitment, you can defend yourself from their attempts of transferring their fears and pain on to you. You can start to assert boundaries, gently call them out, be real and loving, and understand your own limits. That’s how you gain both respect and a dedicated partnerIll inspire and assist you to reasonably give your best to the other person, while respecting your own values and avoid being taken advantage of or being mistreated. You can assist your partner in being their best, while meeting your relationship goals and becoming your best.


In addition to seduction profiling and defense strategies, I use my own experience, knowledge, intuition, and unique tasks assigned to individuals and/or their relationship, as part of my intuitive relationship coaching packages to match client needs. I love helping woman meet relationship goals and become the best versions of themselves. Please feel free to contact me for assistance in executing properly for your unique situation whether you’re in a relationship, seeing someone, or currently single. As long as you have a goal of one day having a dedicated partner, you can work with me.

Also, most of these strategies refer to building relationships to meet the goal of a dedicated partnership. If you’re already married or together for an extensive amount of time, similar strategies can be used to renew and excite your situation, so please reach out to me for more information. Finally, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or a different situation you’d like to discuss, please give me a shout via email or Facebook. You may also comment below.


Either way please enjoy my take on seduction profiling and using it for good to meet your relationship goals inspired by Robert Green’s book: Art of Seduction.

Also, keep watching for my finalized quiz. I’m currently hustling hard completing content for a quiz allowing you to profile your partner, so you can appropriately defend yourself according to his seduction profile. This one’s for you ladies. Be the one to inspire beautiful healthy change in life to meet your relationship goals.

Liked this post? If you feel a few of your lady friends can use a leg up building a dedicated partnership, learning about seduction profiling, defense strategies, and becoming the best version of themselves, please share!

Below contains a list of male seduction profiles. Click on each link to get information on the profile and defense strategies. I’m working hard to get all profiles up ASAP and quiz coming soon (released 2018) to determine you partner’s seduction profile, so keep on checking back or provide your email on the home page, if you want regular updates and other goodies.

The Rake – He’s the hardest to tame, loves the chase, and adores the opposite sex. His intense desire has a distracting power on woman.

The Ideal Lover – He makes up for what other men lack. He adds a sensible and logical application to romance delivered in a thoughtful manor. He makes great husband material, when given clear direction and learns to balance logical and emotional sides.

The Dandy – Released January, 2018

The Natural – Released March, 2018

The Coquette – Coquettes have an alluring draw to them beginning with their attractive looks and cool confidence. Long-term relationships turn into hot and cold cycles leaving you confused and unsure. They’re tender emotional creatures, although don’t outwardly show this preferring to remain self contained. 

The Charmer – Released March, 2018

The Charismatic – Released February, 2018

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