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Limited Time Offers

The FULL Chakra Cleanse: Chakra Warriors Coaching Program


Exclusive pricing for attendees only for the next 24 hours. Paypal or email transfers accepted for payment. 


About the Sacral Chakra Program

We’ve got a sweet deal for you only available for attendees at this exclusive price! Try the online sacral chakra program at an exclusive discount, and you may pair the root chakra program prior to doing your sacral work too. It’s an online coaching program with group support and guidance from me on how to apply the sacral chakra to your life for healing and growing.

During this online program, i’ll give you tools to specifically apply the sacral chakra to your own life. You’ll have direct steps on applying and exercises for you to try at home.

You can join us at this price exclusive to chakra cleanse class registrants until April 20, 2018

You get the whole pilot program at $99 and the root chakra program offer at $100 off original retail, support, group energy, and guidance from me. Hurry this is the only time I’m offering this program for the next six months, and you get exclusive pricing, as a registrant today!​​​​​​​ Here’s what a few previous participants had to say about the root chakra program:

This program honestly changed my life. It’s a five week course, which works out to be about $5 per day for the opportunity to completely improve your life beyond all expectations. It’s worth it, because you definitely won’t end up worse than when you started. It will change the way you look at yourself and your life. Plus it gives you the motivation and support to get on the path you actually want to be on. I can’t wait for the next one!” Julie F, Age 27, Regina, SK

I had no idea how much in denial I was with my fears until I embraced them in this course. Brittany taught me to accept both my fear and myself. Also, this course made me aware of how many negative thoughts I harbored and to let them go. It helped redefine my values and how to properly live by them.  It also renewed my faith in the creator and helped change my way of thinking.” R.N., Age 40, La Ronge, SK

Here’s the module outlines:

Week 1: Balance & Nurture Feminine Energy

Nurturing yourself to find joy, comfort, and recovery. Healthy nourishment for the body and soul. Finding emotional balance and practising emotional intelligence. Balancing yin and yang – the emotional and physical. Stepping into feminine power and energy. Relationships with others, discussing sacred sexuality, and developing healthy relationships with others.

Week 2: Flow, Play & Create

Learning to go with the flow and honor your unfolding path. Embracing transition to get unstuck actualizing your goals and dreams. Adding play, adventure, and exploration. Opening creativity and space for wisdom, intuition, and talent to come in. Removing creative and motivation blocks. Working and exploring creativity.

Week 3: Manifestation

Learning manifestation techniques and using them to create the life of your dreams. Using manifestation techniques to motivate and reach your goals. Align with our desires and intentions.  Connecting and exploring intuition.

Week 4: Money & Abundance

  Exploring our feelings and relationships with money. Removing self limiting beliefs around money. Changing how we feel, think, and behave about money. Removing blocks to bring more abundance into your life.



About the Root Chakra Program

We’ve got a sweet deal for you, if you want to add the root chakra on to your journey.

You get $100 off original retail, support, group energy, and guidance from me. Hurry this is the only time I’m offering this program for the next six months, and you get exclusive pricing, as a registrant today!​​​​​​​ Here’s what a few previous participants had to say about the root chakra program:

Here’s the module outlines:

Module 1: How to use fear to push you forward in life without becoming fearless​​​​​​​. ​​​​​​​My goal isn’t becoming fearless. It’s deciding what I want, how I want to live, and what I want to do or create is more important than the crippling fear holding me back.  We’ll teach you how to accept fear as a contributing part of yourself and manage it, so it doesn’t hold you back.

Module 2: WARNING: If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed with a racing mind, you’re letting life pass you by and you aren’t actually living. In module two, we focus on adapting to a mindful lifestyle through focusing on the present moment. Freeing yourself from past guilt, anxiety, stress and sabotaging thought patterns. Incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices.

Module 3: By using the chakra system when I felt lost, confused, misguided, and blocked, I knew exactly the next steps and actions to move forward in my healing and growing journey. I’ll show you how to surrender, trust, and survive your healing and growth journey. Being able to endure and embrace change, growth opportunities, and surrendering to universal intelligence. Trusting and surrendering to the unfolding of our paths. Trusting ourselves first, then trusting universal intelligence, and finally trusting others.

Module 4: Determining and living through your core values, beliefs, and self worth. Determining what’s most important to you, and living your life according to that. Releasing influence from others and habits not serving you. Focusing your time, energy, and money on only things that matter. Exploring your subconscious self limiting beliefs.

Module 5: When I focused on what I had in my life instead of what I wanted or what others had, I become more happier, calm, and abundant. Developing an appreciation for life and what you have. Freeing yourself from depression, disappointment, gloomy thoughts, comparing yourself with others. Increasing happiness, satisfaction, and abundance with your own personal situation. Implementing grounding practices and understanding the benefits of grounding.




Q: What is your refund policy, if I do not want to continue with the program?
A: Sorry we do not offer refunds, as we offer many free options prior to committing to this program for you to try first. If you’re on the fence about purchasing, please try one of the free cleanses first. We also do giveaway free spots to this program, so please watch social media for contests.

Our refund policy reflects we need serious participants. In the past, its been a life changing experience for most participants. You must acknowledge this series isn’t easy prior to committing, because of the five week intense dedication to your journey of personal development and growth.

Q: I’ve heard you give out a free spot for this series. How can I apply for that?
A: Yes, we give a free spot (scholarship) away every program run, so keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for contests.


Chakra H2O & Chakra Warriors Program



ONE-TIME BULK ORDER: Chakra Cleanse Trial

    • Get 12-bottles of Becoming: Sacral Chakra H2O or Home: Root Chakra H2O to drink with intention alongside your program for 25% off retail!
    • Plus receive an oracle card with your order intuitively selected with hand written guidance from Brittany Marie Smith


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