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If you do what’s fun, fast, easy, your life gets worse

Here’s everyone’s problem: we lack patience and look for shortcuts
. If you do what’s fun, fast, and easy, your life will get worse. In the past couple months, I’ve been seduced by fun, fast, easy falling victim to coasting sometimes…until I got pregnant.

When I got pregnant, I was still tempted to still do what was easiest – to keep the baby. The abortion was one of the hardest choices I’ve ever made.

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As you know from the last blogpost, I had to make a life-changing decision a couple weeks ago with my abortion, and it really reminded me I need to talk about not only making hard decisions but leaning into your fear and actually putting in the work. It baffles me how much we promote quick fixes in the world today, and doing what’s fun, fast, and easy. If you want to be an entrepreneur, have a relationship, succeed, meet your goals, balance your root chakra, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, you have to put in the work. You have to push through the fear. You have to do what’s hard. This is actually the key to happiness in life too, and what kills me is a lot of people will give up right before their big breakthrough. They stop enjoying the journey, and lose patience, because their hard work isn’t showing them rewards yet. It happens with a lot of people.

Another thing mentioned in the last guidance was you just fail to choose, which also makes your life worse. We have a big decision to make, and we fail to choose. You kind of know what’s right, but it’s so fucking hard to actually go and do it, because you’re so worried about regret and failure. Then you just sit there – for months or years even in your comfort zone aka on the fence.

You ruin relationships, because it’s just too hard to solve the problems. You stay single, because falling in love again might just be too scary. You don’t take risks, because you’re scared of failing. You sit around and be distracted not actually doing things, because you’re afraid of success. You procrastinate leaving the hardest thing last on the list, and then it gets neglected each day. This can happen for months and years – you accepting and encouraging mediocrity in your life.

Book Recommendation: Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog

He talks about the frog being the ugliest thing on your to-do list and how you need to put the hardest task on the top of your list. You should always be starting with the hardest thing to do each day. This is still sometimes hard for me, and I’m still putting this into practise. Remind yourself that you will always be rewarded by putting in the hard work, and really there’s no other option – there’s no quick fixes. Giving up shouldn’t be an option for you.

It’s so hard to make decisions and move forward into the life you want, and it’s sometimes easier to think about not doing it or giving up. I’m not gonna lie, it has crossed my mind. But let’s get this all into our heads and make it real for ourselves. The reason why you aren’t succeeding, why you’re poor, why you’re stuck is because there’s still areas in your life where you’re doing what’s fun, fast, easy, and not making decisions, not leaning into fear, not putting in the work, not doing what’s hardest first. I’m guilty of this at times too, but know you’re doing the comfort zone thing in some area of your life, and it’s keeping you stuck. All work in progress, and the first step is awareness.

Book Recommendation: James Clear’s Atomic Habits

It takes time, but here’s how we make the hard stuff easier and follow through. Break the hard and big tasks into bite-sized chunks. Let’s say your goal is to write a book: the first thing you would do each week is literally pick something small to do towards writing your book. You start out writing five minutes a day in your first week, and then maybe your second week you bump it up to ten minutes, etc. Maybe you’re like me, and you’re trying to adjust to going to bed and getting up earlier. Successful people wake up early, so one of my goals is actually shifting back into my routine. I was quite low energy during my pregnancy and after surgery, but now I’m just getting back into the routine of trying to get up earlier at 5am. If you just set your alarm for 5a.m, you’re probably gonna fail, because it’s pretty hard to get up at 5 AM all of a sudden. You have to do little steps, so the first step could be literally calculating how much sleep you need and adjusting your schedule to fall asleep 15 minutes earlier each week until you reach your goal. There’s also many things helping your sleep schedule like reducing screen time an hour before bed. You can slowly cut down by going to bed a half hour earlier each week, starting a night-time ritual where you’re unwinding without screen time, or making your bedroom a place where only sleep happens, etc. We know these things, but we often try to implement them all at once, and this will cause us to fail.

Make sure to keep your surroundings aligned with your goals. For example, let’s say you have a goal to go to the gym. Arrange your surroundings to align with going to the gym – your shoes and your workout clothes should always be by the door. In 2020, we need to be done doing what’s fun, fast, and easy, if we want success.

Write down your top three goals you want to achieve by the end of 2020, and then pick your top goal. Then write down the first step you need to do to achieve this goal. Let’s say your goal is to be a successful business person, the first step to do that in my world is getting up early, but it also could be developing a marketing plan. Then you chunk down that step and start implementing habits each week – small habits to get it done. Don’t do it all at once, and really we’re just regular people who have a tendency to do what’s fun fast and easy, because we have fear. I urge you to do what’s hard by making it a little easier and chunking it down for 2020.

I’ve been asking my clients to identify their most calm, confident, centered version of themselves for 2020 aka their best most alpha versions of themselves. My CCC version of myself is the 1 million dollar business woman. When I need to do something hard, lean into my fear, or not be tempted by the easy route, then I often ask myself what the CCC version of myself would do – “What would a 1 million dollar business woman do in this case?”

Check yourself this week, and constantly ask yourself, “Am i doing what’s fun, fast, and easy, or am i actually gonna put in the work here?”
Become aware. The first step is awareness, because we all have the tendency to do what’s fun, fast, and easy in so many areas of our lives and this leads to failure, keeping us addicted to the mediocre. We get addicted to the short term pleasures, when really we should build the resilience to short term sacrifices for long term gains.

Know your goals and the CCC version of yourself you’re striving to be, and then check yourself to ensure everything you do aligns with your goals and most CCC self. Check yourself, when you’re doing something out of your CCC’s character, about to do something that’s fun, fast, and easy, or something not aligned with your goals. Ask yourself what kind of choices would the best version of yourself make. Get aligned with your goals and chunk them down to make them easier.

I’m assisting you to move towards your most self-aware calm confident centered self, so go grab your goals and put in the work!

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Brittany Marie Smith is an entrepreneur, women’s empowerment bosslady, inspiring self-aware intuitive, chakra cleanser, master social media marketer, and new abortion activist running two businesses Just B Coaching and Chakra H2O. Brittany works with entrepreneurs and business’ to develop bottom line systems and organization in their business, social media marketing and marketing plans, develop services and programs, mastering sales, confidence, while getting the relationship of their dreams. On Janurary 14, 2020, she underwent an abortion surgery forever changing her path, as she shared and detailed her abortion journey publicly with her following then eventually being contacted by the media.

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