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New Moon Gemini/Third Eye & Throat Chakra (June 13)


 Welcome to the New Moon in Gemini Challenging the Third Eye & Throat Chakras!

If you’re struggling to change something, make a choice, or push through fear, then you can do it with this new moon!

5-Step New Moon Action Plan 

Action these now until June 23, 2018 to ride the manifestation energy and make the most of this New Moon, while balancing the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.

1. Acknowledge the fear, decision, or realization having the most impact on your life right now with the ability to create change.
2. Don’t overthink or over analyze. Instead try to use your intuition. Listen, focus on feeling, and knowing your inner truth. Meditation and flipping cards may help.
3. Be honest and gentle with yourself, while you acknowlege how you feel. It’s not wrong to feel any certain way. The little inner voice just needs to be heard.
4. Initiate honest communication about step one with those directly influenced by it and those close to you.
5. Start some momentum taking any small steps towards change to make room for something better to come into your life.


Here’s the key points to pay attention to…

Five statements describing the energy: managing fear, trusting intuition, change, communication, taking the leap

Five shadows to avoid: over analyzing, over thinking, excessive logic, withholding information from loved ones affected, avoidance 

Summary message: Release fear, follow your intuition, and communicate to ease your way into change making room for something better in your life

Two things to balance: communication and silence, talking and listening

Three things to release: fear, too much logic, and feeling guilty for how you feel

Two questions to ask yourself: What’s best for me right now? Who do I need to communicate my feelings with in the next two weeks?


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Lesson 1: How to use fear to push you forward in life without becoming fearless

Here’s the full story of this new moon…

Time to be real and honest with yourself yet gentle. Gemini calls you to action change in your life using your intuition and honest communication.

Bring forward realizations, fears, or choices needing to be addressed in you life. Know initiating change makes room for something better to blossom or come in to your life.

Step forward to experience with curiosity and willingness to learn and discover. The key to Gemini remains doing not thinking.

Don’t over think or over analyze things. Follow the little inner voice, your feelings, your intuition, your knowing…

Meditation and card flipping may help tap into your intuition, but the most important thing to help find your solution and initiate change is communication.

Communication needs to happen in Gemini. Talking to your loved ones and those influenced by the changes, decision, or realizations you need to actualize in your life will assist with initiating change. Communicate with truth and heart-to-hearts. Don’t forget to listen.

Warning! Resist the lure of avoidance and accept the push to change in this Gemini energy. The more something threatens your identity, the more you will avoid it (Mason’s law). Allow your identity to be threatened, because our proudest achievements come from overcoming suffering.

Embrace opportunity for change. Honor the uncertainty of life. Communicate. Enjoy the journey not the outcome.


Here’s my video on this New Moon.


Here’s the recommended Chakra H2O…

Truth: Throat Chakra H2O

Knowing: Third Eye Chakra H2O

To drink with intention of accepting change, promoting fun, and seeking experiences until the Full Moon (June 28, 2018)





Wishing you an open third eye, communication, and graceful change and this New Moon in Gemini,




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