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New Moon Cancer/Root Chakra (July 12)


 Welcome to the New Moon in Cancer Challenging the Root Chakra!

If you’re looking to get back on track with your mission or purpose, then use this new moon and the partial eclipse to do it!

5-Step New Moon Action Plan 

Action these now until July 24, 2018 to ride the manifestation energy and make the most of this New Moon, while balancing the Root Chakra.

1. Write down your current fear inventory aka a list of your current fears big or small. This helps you determine what you need to release or let go of. You become aware of those areas in your life, where you may be living and acting out of fear.
2. Write ten new moon wishes you want to actualize this month with at least half covering Cancer energy topics: relationships, your life purpose or mission, and banishing the ego and insecurities. Wishes aligned with Cancer energy topics have the most manifesting power. See more about Cancer energy below, while constructing your wishes.
3. After recording your wishes, FEEL and visualize your wishes in your body. Carry forward this feeling, as you work towards your wishes in the next couple weeks. You may also want to continue to meditate and visualize daily about your wishes for the next two weeks. Create an affirmation to live by for the next two weeks representing your wishes.
4. Write down your to do list for each wish on a separate paper. This isn’t magical fairy dust, because you must do YOUR part in making your wishes come true. If you do your part, the universe will do its part.
5. Then release attachment to your wishes coming true, and send your wish list out to the universe (keep your to-do list). How to send them out? Create a crystal grid and place the paper in the center. Meditate with the intent of release. To make a crystal grid, carefully place your favorite crystals in a circle. You may have several circle layers of crystals. Leave your grid set up with the paper in the center for about two days following the new moon, so you catch the eclipse! Alternately, Cancer is a water element, so you may send it out to sea. If you’re near a body of water, then release your note to the element of water. Meditate with the intent of release.


Here’s the key points to pay attention to…

Five statements describing the energy: healthy relationships, spending time with loved ones, nuturing, life purpose or mission, managing fear and insecurities

Three shadows to avoid: letting fear and insecurities take over, co-dependence in relationships, stagnation in purpose and relationships

Summary message: A chance to get back on track and ensure you’re following your right path with your mission and earthly purpose. It’s the official time to change, so put your ego, fears, and insecurities aside so the new moon and eclipse can push you back on track where you’re meant to me

Two things to balance: healthy nurturing vs mothering in relationships and friendships, actions aligned with your inner truth vs. actions for others to the detriment of your inner truth

Four things to release: fear, insecurity, stagnant situations, and anything not in line with your mission or purpose

Two questions to ask yourself: What’s going on inside of me at this moment? How do I FEEL about what’s going on right now?


FREE coaching lesson for this new moon…

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Lesson 1: How to use fear to push you forward in life without becoming fearless

Here’s the full story of this new moon…

Welcome to this extra special new moon in Cancer! A moon like this won’t happen again until 2080! Alongside this new moon, we’re experiencing a partial solar eclipse. It makes this new moon extra special, because solar eclipses enhance our new moon wishes and manifestations!

Why? Solar eclipses act as gateways your soul can choose to jump through or not. Remember the last full moon, where the perfect timing to act on your decision was mentioned? This new moon solar eclipse gateway may be a good time to act. What’s on the other side of this gateway? A chance to get back on track and ensure you’re following your right path with your mission and earthly purpose. It’s the official time to change, so put your ego, fears, and insecurities aside to allow the eclipse to push you forward on track, where you’re meant to me.

The eclipse happens on Friday the 13th, so make up your new moon wishes today and send them out, so you can manifest jumping through the gateway tomorrow.

What should your new moon wishes be about?

The energy of this new moon revolves around nurturing yourself and others. Be at home with those you love – your family and closest friends. Spend time with them and resolve any tension between you and your loved ones. The energy around cancer remains mothering and nurturing, so embrace it.

Cancer also calls us to manage the ego, fears, and insecurities. Be aware of it, because you may fear insecurity and instability right now. Do you come from a place of insecurity, fear, or possessiveness with your thoughts and actions? Move inward, ground, and feel. Because Cancer the crab lives in the water element, we may appear to have a hard shell around this time but remember we’re very vulnerable on the inside.

After getting our inside right, Cancer asks us to go out in the world and achieve, so review and adjust your goals to stay on track. Change, adventure, and experience all shake us up in this Cancer energy, but the rewards of actually going through and doing it remain high. Because Cancer wants us to FEEL, we must go out and feel life, feel consciousness, play, open up, and trust. Love, trust, and accept all this world has to offer.

Cancer does have a shadow: the tendency to avoid change to your detriment, so rewards may be high around this new moon to leave your mundane job you’ve needed to quit or your relationship you’ve held on to for too long. Cancer energy also may be great for long term relationships needing more spark, so challenge the rituals in your relationships and shake up the mundane ho-hum. Because cancer does having mothering energy around it, perhaps you may examine if you’ve mothered your romantic relationships and friendships too much. What’s too much? Guard against dishing out wisdom, forgiveness, and understandings to the detriment of your own inner truth and needs.



Here’s my video on this New Moon.


Here’s the recommended Chakra H2O…

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To drink with intention of releasing fear and insecurities, connecting with your loved ones, and having the strength to honor your path until the Full Moon (July 27, 2018)





Get out and manifest your best path true to you this New Moon in Cancer with the partial solar eclipse!




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