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Dying To Be You: An Illuminating Halloween Event

Dying To Be You: An Illuminating Halloween Event

Guided Meditation, Writing Exercises, Discussion Circle
For Woman & Men 18+
Friday, October 28, 7:30-10:30pm
@Brittany Marie Smith’s Office – 219A 21st Street East, Saskatoon, SK


Class Description

Come join a unique Friday night experience reminding you how sweet life is.  Living is the goal of the evening.

Take a lesson from dying individuals. What actually matters on your death bed? These are the keys to your life.

You can see what’s important and needed to live fully through understanding what you would regret on your death bed, your true values, appreciating your current life, living in the present moment, stepping out of your comfort zone, and truly living your life the way you want.

Sk Death Doula and Death Dialogues present a truly illuminating Halloween event of understanding your own mortality though writing exercises and discussions with a closing die before you die meditation.

It’s human nature to want more, but do we need more? What do you most value? Do you always choose the easy button, safe road, your comfort zone? Have you focused your life on thinks that you actually value?

Let’s strip it down and cut out the bullshit. Focus on what matters.

Come have a look inside. Separate truth from illusion.


Registration Details

Ready to accept the Challenge?
Friday, October 28, 2016 7:30-10:30pm
10 spots available
$29 for discussion, exercises, meditation

Contact Brittany to Register
text/phone: 306-262-1113
email: chiefduck@brittanymariesmith.com




Q: I want to resolve things and grow, but I’m worried about being in a group setting.
A: Rest assured most everyone in the class has some nervousness about their personal details in a group setting. You aren’t alone in your nervousness, and it doesn’t take long to get over it, when you realize you have an incredible supporting and trusting group.
If you absolutely can’t bare a group setting, then perhaps consider taking private coaching sessions from myself

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