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Got some baggage to chuck? Declutter for REAL this time

Previously, I was always clearing things out of my life, and the space always filled up again with more things and became disorganized. I know what it’s like, because I’ve really liked my things in my past, and, after sorting through mom’s things, and finding tax documents from 1995, I realized we all collect too much stuff.

I started to declutter for real, because I felt the need to get rid of things, but deep down i needed it to accept the person I was becoming. I wanted to go gracefully into change. I wanted to live more mindfully, love myself, love life, and become a more spiritual person. After watching my mother die at age 56, I learned I needed to focus on the things that actually matter.

I was determined to find a declutter method that actually worked, that actually kept my things in place, that actually stopped me from accumulating more More MORE! I researched and tried the advice I collected from several declutter methods. I took in what felt good, decluttered, and I’ve finally mastered it,! That’s why I’m ready to share it with you!

“You can’t take it with you, when you die”

Cliche I know, but material things don’t matter on your death bed, as I learned from people’s dying journeys. Decluttering is the first step to initiating change in other areas of your life. It helps you to understand what actually matters, so you can spend your time and energy only on things you value. It strips shit down to what really matters in life. It’s the first step to healing, it’s the first step to loving, it’s the first step to empowerment, it’s the first step to truth. If you can take the first step to focusing all your time and energy on things that matter, then you won’t have death bed regrets.

I understand the sensitivity around breaking the lifetime attachment to material things, and that’s huge to every individual no matter your age. I ask you to stay open minded along the way about change. Try to move slowly and gracefully into change instead of going kicking and screaming. In order to get this done, you have to want to do this. One of the few things guaranteed in life is change, so why don’t you join me gracefully?

Keep the possessions that make your life joyful and relinquish the rest. I won’t make you get rid of anything that brings you joy, so don’t panic. People get jittery and nervous about giving up material things. Why? Because deep down in your soul, you know it’s the first step to change. Change is scary, because it means growth and inspiring a transformed you.

If this sounds interesting, then get started on your growth journey! Join me on my FREE 10-day declutter challenge!

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In the meantime, watch my crash course video on decluttering


Here’s my rules to your FINAL declutter marathon with rebound protection:

1. Start with WHY
You need a strong why to get through both the process and prevent you from collecting future things. Your why helps you put objects in the to-go pile and stops you from filling up your home again upon completion.
Why do you want to declutter? Answer that with a sentence. Then ask why again, and keep on asking why until you arrive at a final answer that feels good, soul connected, big, and motivating.

Here’s my WHY
To clear things out of my house.
So I can spend less time cleaning.
So I have more time to spend on things that actually matter.
So I can focus on people I love and my business
Because I love spending time with my loved ones and I don’t want to miss out.
AND I can help more people in my business
So I can help people be the best versions of themselves
So I can make the world a better place by getting people to be their best and inspire others around them.


2. Sorting order is important
Start with sorting your clothes, and leave all the mementos and things closest to your heart last. This often includes photos, baby stuff, letters, and other things that bring about memories and attachment. It’s easy to sort the tough stuff once you’ve had practice sorting the not-so-tough stuff.

Here’s the sorting order:
1.Clothes (tops, bottoms, dresses, other, underwear, socks, outerwear)
2. Books (including manuals and course materials)
3. Papers & Files
4. CD’s & DVDs
5. Toiletries, Skin Care Products, Cosmetics, Medicine
6. Bedding, Towels, Pillows
7. Accessories (jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes)
8. Electrical Equipment (cameras, chords, and anything close to “electric)
9. Household Equipment (stationary, writing materials, sewing kits, tools etc)
10. Kitchen (food and spices first, then appliances, followed by dishes)
11. Hobby Items
12. Other (spare change, figurines, business card collection, button collection, candles etc)
13. Big items (storage methods, furniture, book shelves)
13. Sentimental Items (baby books, photos, cards, items from a deceased individual etc)


3.Try to declutter your whole house in the shortest amount of time possible
Try not to put anything back in place until you have completed your full declutter. Yes, this means a house of absolute chaos until the declutter session is over. In my 10-day challenge, I give you a couple exceptions, but expect your house to be out-of-commission to most visitors for 10-days. For each category, you take every single object you have fitting that category description in your house, and put it in a pile. Yes, every article of clothing you have, including seasonal clothing storage, out in the open in one big pile.


4.For each item ask: “Does this item spark joy in me”
Pick up each item from the pile and ask that question: “Does this item spark joy in me”. Does it make you happy? If the answer is no or isn’t clear, put it in the to go-pile. That’s your simple measure on whether things stay or go.


Here’s the deep life changes I’ve experienced,  since my declutter marathon

  • I had many objects I liked that were hidden or not receiving my attention, because of less desirable objects distracting me. I have more of a healthy appreciation for my objects
  • I feel more beautiful, because im only wearing clothes, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, etc that actually make me feel good
  • I’m saving money, because im realizing what I actually need and what I can go without. I’m not buying as many things, because I’m clear on what I need and what I want to put in my home
  • I’ve cleared people from my life that no longer need to be there. Just like the shirt that doesn’t make me feel much joy and outgrew.
  • I have more time, because I’m not always cleaning, and I can focus my attention and thoughts
  • My mind is more clear, because i don’t have physical clutter distracting me, and I was able to declutter my mind after decluttering my material objects
  • I feel like I live and love more, because I have more time and understand what to value in my life. It’s helped me to understand  and direct energy into things I value
  • I appreciate more including people, material objects, life, moments, pets, money
  • I feel like my life became richer with more appreciation for the little things
  • I’m not as attached to material things or money. I’m humbled


When you’re ready to put things away…
It’s key to make sure everything has a designated spot. When something is removed from it’s spot, then it has a place to go back to. Again declutter everything first, then put it away. Vertical storage is key. It’s amazing how many things can be stacked, or how your clothes can be folded to stand vertical in your dresser. Don’t leave things on the floor, because things on the floor belong on a shelf.


Enjoy the start of your growth journey, and please join me for the FREE 10-day declutter challenge! If you liked this post, please share with your friends, so they can get on the 10-day declutter challenge too!