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Full Moon In Sagittarius/Sacral Chakra (May 29)

 Welcome to the Full Moon in Sagittarius challenging the Sacral Chakra!


If you’re craving change in your life, then it’s your time to shine!

Warning: If you weren’t ready for change, then you may be experiencing some anxiety.


5-Step Full Moon Action Plan 

Action these now until June 5, 2018 to ride the energy and make the most of this Full Moon, while balancing the Sacral Chakra.

1. Have fun
2. Gracefully accept change 
3. Focus energy on where you need to go and your purpose
4. Seek out experiences to expand your awareness but don’t be careless or distracted from your purpose 
5. Big picture thinking 


Here’s the key points to pay attention to…

Three statements describing the energy of this moon: fun, acceptance of change, and big picture thinking

Four shadows to avoid this moon: carelessness, irresponsibility, distractions from goals, and phobia of commitment

Summary message of this moon: Life is an adventure, so have fun and seek experiences to expand your awareness.

Two things to balance this moon: Having fun and trying new things but not being careless and irresponsible

Four things to release this moon: negative thinking and perspectives, flightiness, close-mindedness, and stagnant lifestyle habits


Here’s the full story of this full moon…

Find understanding and be understood. Connection to each other and respecting individuals as parts of the whole. Communication and friendship is key.

Gain new perspectives and experiences. New points of view and expansion. Open your mind to new experiences and new opportunities to learn.

Release the bonds holding you back and remain open to other ways of thinking. Look at life from a different view point. Release negativity and bonded perspectives.

Seek experiences and information to expand your awareness.

Explore your purpose and place on earth. Destiny. See the wholeness of life and find your place within it.

Open to big picture thinking. Where are you going? The search for meaning. Align your energy, thoughts, and actions to your goals.

Accept change and gracefully move towards it. Develop a willingness to take the plunge.

Focus your energy on where you need to go and your purpose.

If you tend to resist change, then you may have felt some anxiety. The anxiety will taper off as we move away from the full moon. The anxiety arises because you have to change something in your life. Face it or risk mediocrity in your life. Keep purposefully busy until the anxiety passes.

Realize life is an adventure and don’t just sit there.

Have faith things will get better, and realize the world is full of opportunity for you to experience.

Here’s my video on this Full Moon


Here’s the recommended Chakra H2O…

Becoming: Sacral Chakra H2O

To drink with intention of accepting change, promoting fun, and seeking experiences until the New Moon (June 12, 2018)


Other Chakra H2O options, as the moon cycles towards the New Moon:

Purpose: Solar Plexus Chakra H2O

Oneness: Crown Chakra H2O




Wishing you graceful change and big picture thinking this Full Moon in Sagittarius,




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