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Full Moon Capricorn/Third Eye & Solar Plexus Chakra (June 28)


 Welcome to the Full Moon in Capricorn Challenging the Third Eye & Solar Plexus Chakras!


Time to make a choice! Now you know, and you must choose.


5-Step Full Moon Action Plan 

Action these now until July 22, 2018 to ride the energy and make the most of this Full Moon, while balancing the Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakra.

1. Find solitude and put up boundaries ensuring you get time alone.
2. Accept yourself and the choice in your life leading to your desires and dreams. Acknowledge your integrity and inner-truth.
3. Be indifferent to success and failure. Both are good for you. 
4. With acceptance and acknowledgement of yourself, your dreams, and the choice needing to be made you wait patiently.
5. Make the choice or take the leap into the change leading to your desires and dreams, when the universe offers you the right timing to do so.


Here’s the key points to pay attention to…

Four statements describing the energy: choices leading to desires and dreams, self-discipline, integity, patience for the right timing

Four shadows to avoid: hiding from the world too long, not choosing the path leading to your desires and dreams, obsession with control, crippling fear

Summary messageOnce you did not know this path now opened before you but now you do. You’ve tasted, felt, and danced with your desires and dreams. Now you must decide. What will you choose?

Two things to balance: solitude and action

Two things to release: obsession with success and failure, control


Here’s the full story of this full moon…

The Capricorn moon energy promotes acceptance of yourself and having the self-discipline to follow your course with patience and integrity.

Capricorn urges us to live with integrity and make choices in line with our inner-truth. Any lies and false appearances you’re trying to keep up will cause major discomfort and anxiety. The result of this may show up physically in your body such as panic attacks, skin issues, or literally feeling a heavy heart. If you’re not living according to your inner truth, integrity, and the dreams and desires you know you need to evolve into, then you’re likely uncomfortable and feeling it physically in your body.

The full moon in Capricorn reminds us: We’re born innocent and die wise. Life includes metaphoric mountain peaks we must climb to be true to our best path. Once you did not know but now you do, and now you must decide what to do.

The full moon in Capricorn makes us aware of a choice we must make in order to actualize the life of our dreams and follow our desires. During the last few moons, we’ve worked towards change and manifesting the choice unfolding before us now during this moon. The previous new moon waxed and phased into this beautiful full moon in Capricorn leaving us with a knowing and awareness of a choice to be make. There’s no more analyzing. You know, and you must choose.

You have seen, tasted, and danced with your dreams and desires. Now you know the magic. What will you do? Pretend to live as before? Endlessly go through your days the same as before? For now there’s a choice, where once you were told and believed there was none. You thought the world was a certain way but now you have seen, tasted, and danced. It was no dream.

This is how your life can be now. No guilt. No fear. No shame.

Challenges? Yes. Don’t lie to your heart and soul, because now you know. What will you do?

You know if you choose the way they told you or the way you believed in before, then there will be less of everything. You already know that way and how it looks and feels.

And…you know if you choose the other, then your soul will sing and your heart open.

I wonder too…what will you choose?

Integrity and solitude must be found or there will be a collapse of the person. This includes time alone and avoiding needing another person. Seek approval from nobody but yourself and doing you. Anything that can be done alone will help such as reading, meditation, walks, etc.

Once you get your inner state right, then you can turn your eyes to the world. Capricorn makes us aware that we must ascend metaphorical mountain peaks in our life, but it horrifies us we may choose the wrong one. If you’re feeling suffering, discomfort, or anxiety, then it’s key to be indifferent to success and failure. Both are good for you and realizing this will alleviate some of the discomfort.

You know the change you need, so have patience and acceptance until you need to step forward to make the right choice at the right time. Once you make the choice to go forward, and you should this moon phase, Capricorn energy will support you to move forward keeping your fear at bay. With Capricorn, we see the inevitable change needed. There’s no escaping it without dissatisfaction. Things need to change, or they simply cant go on without us feeling untrue to ourselves. Change needs to happen to respect ourselves and our path.

You now know the outcome and you pretty well can’t stop it, if you want the life you dream of and desire. Release this full moon to the inevitability. Change doesn’t need to be hard. It just needs to be timed right. You need only to choose to leap at the right time. Until then surrender to the fact it’s here and choices need to be made. We must fall back into solitude and look away from the world to go inward until the inside until the time is right, then you face the world again with courage.

The danger is continuing to hide or indulge in the world during this time. Look away long enough to get straight on your inner-truth and integrity remembering you don’t need approval from other people . You already have your own self-respect, know who you are, and the dreams and desires you need to chase.

Defeats, uncertainty, and longer periods with little rewards all happen with the Capricorn full moon energy. Be prepared and withstand with patience and self discipline. Capricorn gives us the strength to wait. Not indecision, but waiting with intensity and stillness for the perfect time to make the power move leading to the freedom we need. Capricorn gives us strength, so once we make up our mind we can stick to the course. With this moon energy nothing strays us including fear.

Dreams have a place and this Capricorn full moon brings in the logical possibility that fantasy can be real. With this chance, we work efficiently and with absolute persistence until the dreams become a reality. However, if you discover the chance of bringing a fantasy real no longer exists, then toss it away.

Capricorn gives us the strength of iron will. Solitude, determination, patience, self-discipline and logic, all enable us to weather storms and discouragement, while never losing sight of dreams and desires. It may be slow or you may feel like no progress, but in the end you get what you want.

This full moon has a few shadows, as a few have already been mentioned. Apply self control always to the objective world. You have a month until the next full moon, so make the choice in the next month. Your self control must reflect in your behaviour. Failing on self control, you may get icy, unemotional, uncomfortable, or anxious. With a life out of control we get cold and uncomfortable.

When we lose course, the Capricorn moon makes us want to control the course of everyone around us, which makes us a bit of a tyrant. Even if you succeed in this state without integrity and self control, it leaves you unsatisfied and lonely. You may also push even harder to get the dream becoming a workaholic and losing touch with the physical body. You also hurt those around you.


Here’s the recommended Chakra H2O…

Knowing: Third Eye Chakra H2O

To drink with intention of accepting change, promoting fun, and seeking experiences until the New Moon (July 12, 2018)


Other Chakra H2O options, as the moon cycles towards the New Moon:

Purpose: Solar Plexus Chakra H2O




Wishing you patience, self-discipline, and iron-will this Full Moon in Capricorn,




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