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Foundations Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Foundations Flow Yoga For Beginners

Best for Beginner but Intermediate Students always welcome
Mondays @ 6pm Starting September 25, 2017
@ The Sanctuary YXE – 219A 21st Street East, Saskatoon, SK



Not sure what you’re doing or new to yoga?

This class is ideal for beginner students wishing to learn the foundations of yoga, while building strength and flexibility.

Not sure if you have everything right in a pose?

This class is great for intermediate students wanting to refine their practice, while gaining a greater understanding for pose alignment for protecting their body and deepening their practice.

Took a break from yoga or taken this class before?

We mix the beginner basics, while taking time to detail intermediate poses. There’s alot to learn in fine tuning poses, so there’s more to learn. This time around, we plan to focus on a few more balance and backbending poses.

I made a video outlining downdog pose details. Do you downdog correctly? I see both intermediate and beginner students failing the fine details of this pose in class all the time.

Class & Registration Details


Targeted at ages 16-45. Nine session series once per week starting September 30 at 6pm. Come out and practice pose alignment in detail, while having fun and calming your mind!

Contact Brittany to Register $99


email: chiefduck@brittanymariesmith.com




Q: What if I’m not flexible enough to do yoga?
A: Yoga increases your flexibility over time, and most beginner yogis start out with minimal flexibility. Expect most other students in the class to not have a wide range of flexibility like yourself. When I started yoga, I couldn’t touch my toes with straight legs, and now I can put my hands flat on the ground. As an instructor, I’ll always provide modification to poses.

Q: I want to learn yoga, but I’m worried about being in a group setting.

A: Rest assured most everyone in the class has some nervousness about physical activity in a group setting. You aren’t alone in your nervousness, and it doesn’t take long to get over it during the physical demands of the class. Yoga almost always helps clear your mind of this during the course of the class. Give it a try, because I’m sure you will feel what I’m talking about. We also have a refund policy, so you can try one class worry free. If you absolutely can’t bare a group setting, then perhaps consider taking private lessons from myself.

Q: What is your refund policy, if I do not want to continue with the class?
A: You are welcome to try one class and receive a 75% refund, if you prefer not to continue following the first class. You must inform us 24 hours prior to the beginning of the second class. Unfortunately, after one class we cannot offer a refund, because of you occupying a place in the class we can no longer fill.

In extreme circumstances, we offer credits towards the next class series shall you need to discontinue for an unexpected reason.

Q: Does yoga have a spiritual element?
A: Yoga is different for each individual. It also depends on what each individual defines as spirituality. In these classes, we focus mainly on posture alignment and the physical practice. We have moments of relaxation, silence, and focusing on the breath. The physical practice often leads to an increased feeling of well-being and calmness. For myself, yoga opened doors to considering other options like meditation. Yerrama Yoga Sanctuary itself promotes a safe space for yogic spirituality more so than what I’ve seen in other yoga studios, but, as stated above, theses class series will focus mainly on posture alignment and the physical practice.

If you are wanting more spirituality in your life, I recommend you start with the basics and let yoga open doors for you, as it did for me. Then you can attend other offerings at both Yerrama and my studio space down the hall from Yerrama. Together we offer a holistic well-being practice.

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