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Chakra Warriors Coaching Program

The FULL Chakra Cleanse:

Chakra Warriors Coaching Program



Chakra Warriors Coaching Program

& Chakra H2O

7-MONTH PLAN: The Full Chakra Experience

  • Those striving for personal development and growth wanting to actively do to their own self healing
  • Those who have experienced a major life event and want to transition and grow from their experience
  • Use it as an extra tool to get through a tough period in life or to overcome something they may be stuck on 
  • Heal yourself first. Then the healing trickles outward to the world.
  • Those wanting encouragement, support, and results to push you forward in your healing journey
  • Seven month plan with automatic payments each month. Twelve bottle monthly order/one flavor sent each month starting from the lowest chakra (Home: Root Chakra H2O). The initial stated amount will be withdrawn from your account monthly for seven months. Flat rate toonie shipping each month.
  • Cancel anytime after receiving your third order. Cancel up to five business days prior to upcoming order.

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Subscription Plan


Root Chakra Modules & Outcomes

Week 1: Survival, Surrender & Trust

Being able to endure and embrace change, growth opportunities, and surrendering to universal intelligence. Trusting the lessons brought forward to us. Building character resilience, overcoming hardships, endurance, and accepting growth opportunities. Trusting the unfolding of our lives. Increasing your energy and health using the root chakra.

Week 2: Mindfulness & Ego Release

Living in the present moment. Freeing yourself from past guilt, anxiety, stress and sabotaging thought patterns.

Week 3: Grounding & Gratitude

Developing an appreciate for life and what you have. Freeing yourself from depression, disappointment, gloomy thoughts, comparing yourself with others. Increasing happiness, satisfaction, and abundance.

Week 4: Core Values, Beliefs & Self Worth

Determining what’s most important to you, and living your life according to that. Releasing influence from others and habits not serving you. Focusing your time, energy, and money on only things that matter.

Week 5: Making Fear a Motivator

Managing your fear, so it doesn’t hold you back or restrict you. Free yourself from the restrictions of not fully living your life. Prioritizing what you want over the crippling fear holding you back. This is your life, and you need to live it.



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