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Root Chakra Cleanse

The 9-Day Chakra Cleanse: Root Chakra

How to apply the root chakra to your life for healing and growing without thinking about it as an energy center. Become the best you and experience this foundational chakra by adjusting behaviors, beliefs, emotions, thought patterns, and practicalities

Because we only have nine days. We’re focusing on mindfulness, fear, and gratitude. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Are you looking to grow, move forward, and become the best you but not sure where to start? Let me introduce personal development using the chakra system! 
During the chakra cleanse, i’ll give you tools to specifically apply the root chakra to your own life. You’ll have direct steps on applying and exercises for you to try at home.

How to slow down your racing mind and be in the present moment with a couple simple one-minute exercises. We’re done with letting life pass us by! When you’re stressed at work or too caught up in your thoughts, just do my simple exercises.

Five ways to increase happiness and abundance in your life and relationships without having to change jobs, make more money, move, change your relationship or buy more things. It’s easy to take action and all of the exercises are short. Some of them only one minute!

How to use fear to push you forward in life without becoming fearless​​​​​​​. ​​​​​​​My goal isn’t becoming fearless. It’s deciding what I want, how I want to live, and what I want to do or create is more important than the crippling fear holding me back.  We have exercises for you!

Try the short daily ritual I used for one month during my business start-up that doubled my monthly income.​​​​​​​ It only takes five minutes in the morning, and even I was shocked how much this made a difference.

Supplies Needed

  1. An open mind, intention, and awareness

It’s the most important thing you need! As the author Jen Sincero eloquently put it “Stay open or you’re screwed”. I couldn’t agree more. You’ve gotten where you are today by doing whatever you’ve been doing. If you’re less than impressed with anything in your life, you need to change things up. If you want a life you’ve never lived, then you’re going to have to do things differently. Do things the same and get the same life. Keep an open mind and remember your intention.

I know we have years of beliefs behind us, but believe anything is possible anyway. See what happens what do you have to lose? If you try getting through this cleanse and decide it’s a bunch of crap, you can go back to your samesy life.

But….maybe, if you put your disbelief aside, take some risks, do the work, and go for it…you’ll wake up and realize you’ve made some pretty big shifts in just nine days towards the life of your dreams.

2. A root chakra stone or crystal to carry with you for the next 9-days. (Red Onyx, Red Jasper, Obsidian, or any stone from the earth or earthly dark/red crystal.

3. A journal. We’ve got mindfulness, gratitude, and fear exercises to write down!

4. A way to check your bank account balance daily, when you wake up. It’s best to install the mobile banking app on your phone but may also login to online banking on your desktop or tablet.

5. Healthy red foods and drinks.

6. Red clothing and accessories.

7. Note any red objects you have around your living space and work place.

8. Optional supplies: earthy incense sticks, earthy essential oils, Home: Root Chakra H2O, and salt, affirmations that resonate with you.


Root Chakra Description

It’s a foundational chakra serving the basic needs emotionally: grounding, survival, surrender, gratitude, self-worth, mindfulness, and trust. Behaviorally it involves addressing fears at a foundation level, determining personal values, spending money according to values, character endurance, and resilience. Physically this chakra controls our energy levels, sleep regulation, and immune system.

Addictions affect this chakra heavily and completely throw it out of balance. Individuals with addictions comprise all of the above characteristics displaying all the emotional, behavioral, and physical unbalances.

We’re focusing on fear, gratitude, and mindfulness for the next 9 days of our cleanse, which remain the main popular client concerns. Again, if you want the full experience addressing all aspects of the root chakra, check out my Chakra Warriors Coaching Program Offer.

Share Your Cleanse Journey

We’re here to motivate, inspire, and help eachother out! Share your daily experience, thoughts, or questions with us on the Facebook Group. The Facebook group will also have additional info and further details for guidance on this cleanse.

Add yourself to the Facebook group

Share inspiring things with your friends too! I’d love, if you spread the word about something inspiring during your 9-Day Chakra Cleanse to your personal feed. We’d love your friends to join you on the next one! Healing and growth starts with leading by example to your friends and loved ones.

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Chakra Cleanse Daily Summary

Here’s your daily outline with details of each to follow.

Time of Day Daily Summary
Morning Check bank account
  Wear a red item for the day
  Carry root chakra crystal or stone for the day
All Day/Anytime Daily Affirmation
  Eat/drink a red item
  Additional red objects & root chakra supplies
  10 breaths 3x/day
  Mindful routine daily activity
  Present moment reminders
  Watch the thinker
  Fear challenge
  Fear question
  Gratitude thought switch
Evening Record reoccurring thoughts from Watch the thinker
  Gratitude journaling


Morning Details: Exercises & Activities Best Performed Upon Wake-Up


  1. Check Bank Account

Here’s an exercise to do daily during the cleanse. It worked to double my income in one month, when I was on start-up for my business. When you wake up, open your bank account preferably on your phone app, or second choice from your computer or tablet. While looking and concentrating on your account balance, list three things in your head that make you feel abundant. This essentially trains your brain to have positive feelings about the number in your bank account.

Things that make you feel abundant vary person to person but here’s a few examples:

  • You have a place to live
  • You have fulfilling work
  • Your fridge is full of food
  • Your pursuing the business/career of your dreams
  • Your warm home
  • Your friends and loved ones who help make your life easier
  • Your tenants, roommates, children
  • Your super comfy bed
  • Your vehicle
  • All the clothes you can wear
  • A trip you get to take


  1. Wear A Red Item

The red item you choose to keep close to your physical body for color therapy can range from an article of clothing to an accessory or jewellery. I have red socks, a belt, a feathery hair tie, and trollie earrings I love to rock out in for the root chakra. Wear them all or something different each day.


  1. Carry A Root Chakra Crystal or Stone

Carry a root chakra crystal or stone with you daily for the cleanse. A few examples:  red onyx, red jasper, obsidian, or any stone from the earth or earthly dark color/red crystal. Carry it near your body perhaps in a pocket or as jewellery. Maybe you want to sleep with it too?


All Day/Anytime Details: Exercises & Activities Best Performed Several Times/Day OR Any Time

  1. Daily Affirmation

Affirmations must be used several times per day with intention. I know some people get uncomfortable with affirmation, because we hear we have to say them aloud and stare deeply at ourselves in the mirror. I’d love you to do this but, but it’s not a requirement. Even if you did do that once per day, I say you have to do more. You need to say it, write it, read it, think it, feel it, and believe it several times per day with intention. It’s a whole body experience. It’s living your affirmation. This isn’t to be taken lightly, so choose something you can really get behind. Choose a root chakra affirmation that resonates with you, and use it at least six times per day. Say it aloud and in your head. Write it in your journal three times before you go to bed. Put it on sticky notes around your bathroom mirror, at your work station, and places where you look all the time. I’ve wrote it in lipstick on my mirrors! I wouldn’t tell you to do all these affirmations for nothing. I’m telling you, because they work. They retrain your brain and clear out all those negative thought patterns.

Here’s a couple root chakra affirmations you can use:

“I am safe. I trust more. I fear less. I love life.”

“I live mindfully. I remain in the present moment, where life happens.”

“I choose to live in the here and now. I choose to slow down and connect to the gift of the present moment.”


  1. Eat/Drink A Red Item

Try to add at least one health red food or drink item to your diet daily. Here’s a few examples:

  • Red Tea
  • Red Kombucha
  • Raspberries
  • Red Apples
  • Radishes
  • Pomegranate


  1. Additional Red Objects & Root Chakra Supplies

Bring your attention, intention, and awareness to the objects around you at your house, work, and the places you go. Honour the color red. Celebrate red. Sit on your red couch, keep your red poinsettia from Christmas, burn red candles, smell a red rose, look at a red bag, feel the red bricks making up buildings. Enjoy red.

You may also incorporate optional root chakra supplies into your life. This may include burning earthy incense sticks, using earthy essential oils, drinking Home: Root Chakra H2O, carrying salt or setting it up around your home.


  1. Ten Breaths three times/day

Take ten breaths three times per day. You can do this at various points throughout the day, and you need to be really mindful about your breaths and surroundings during this exercise. Really focus on the breath, how it feels going into the lungs, how it feels going out, breathing deep into the pit of your tummy, and how it sounds. Relax and slow down. It’s especially good when you find yourself too hyper focused on a job or getting worked up or stressed. This simple exercise introduces mindfulness into your life.

Practising a mindful lifestyle remains the most important step to your healing and growth journey and your overall happiness. It also reduces stress and promotes healthy sleep patterns and increased energy. Anxiety, depression, and guilt come from past and future thinking, so focusing on the present moments remains an excellent treatment for anxiety, depression, and guilt.

Aside from all these amazing emotional and mental benefits, life happens in the present moment, so being occupied with thoughts of the past or future means you’re not actually living! That’s a scary thought, since we have a limited time on earth. Being mindful connects us to life. Live in the present moment and pay attention to life happening around you! Realize deeply the present moment is all you ever have.

I’m not asking you to drop planning for the future or never celebrate the past. It’s all part of human adult life. However, if we even donated an eighth of those past/future thoughts to the present moment, we’d be laughing through life! Promise.

We live in a miracle every day. Do you know the changes of YOU even being born? The probability of you being born is one in 10^2,685,000, so ten followed by 2,685,000 zeros. Can we get a little appreciation here? Our earth hurls through the universe on its axis at the exact correct distance from the sun and with the perfect ecosystem to sustain life. Our hearts beat. We have music, art, sushi, sunshine, hugs. The universe is trying to get your attention to wake up to this beautiful miracle your living. Let’s appreciate it and our lives by stopping to take ten breaths! Sheesh.


  1. Mindful Routine Daily Activity

Take one of your routine daily activities and be mindful about it. Try to choose a different routine activity at least once every two days.

Here’s a few examples:

-Brushing your teeth

-Washing your hands

-Driving to work

-Climbing the stairs,

-Doing the dishes

-Putting on your make up

-Washing your face

-Taking a shower

Be very in the present moment with just one routine activity per day. How does it feel to have the warm water run over your hands, as you wash them? How did the soap feel in your hands and the tap, when you turned it off? How did your feet feel as they touched the step, when you climbed the stairs?


  1. Present Moment Reminders

Remember you’re on a chakra cleanse and your biggest mission is incorporating more mindfulness into your lifestyle, so try to remind yourself to be in the present moment throughout the day. Consciously become more aware over the next nine days of your wondering mind. Notice when your mind is going a mile a minute and thinking of the future or past, and remind yourself to come back to the present moment. Remind yourself to come back to the present moment, when you have anxious thoughts or running emotions. Try to remind yourself several times per day.


  1. Watch The Thinker

Observe your thoughts. Be careful: Don’t become your thoughts or try to change or judge them. Just observe and collect data. Observe what the voice in your head tells you and where it tries to draw your attention. Does it drag you to a point in the past? Does it tell you that you aren’t good enough? Again, collect data and observe. Don’t change your thoughts yet. Just awareness.

Start to recognize what the voice in your head has been saying to you for years and years. It’s convincing you this is your life and building up negativity in your head. You are your thoughts. That’s bad and good news depending on what you’re thinking. Those same powerful negative thoughts keeping you in a slump can be turned around to positive thoughts and completely change your life. For now, we first have to identify our thought patterns.

I’ve been amazed with some of my gramophones playing over and over on the loud speakers in my head. They often tell me I’m not good enough and can’t do something. They keep me thinking about the past and future. It’s staggering how much our mind brings us to anxious and depressed thoughts.



  1. Fear Challenge

We need to recognize fear, as a nudge rather than a threat. Try to look at fear in a positive way instead of a negative. It’s a nudge from the universe towards a path our lives may need to go. We will be investigating and exploring fear not necessarily eliminating.. Action is scary but investigating and exploring is exciting. Fear stops us from fully living our life and keeps us trapped in mediocre lifestyles. You’re going to die. That line alone should scare you enough to start fully actualizing your life.


A nice healthy dose of fear is good for you, so I’m assigning little activities to get you comfortable with the uncomfortable. My goal isn’t becoming fearless. It’s deciding what I want, how I want to live, and what I want to do or create is more important than the crippling fear holding me back. There’s  also little fears collectively contributing to holding you back, so we start with little activities.


Each time you meet a new person, or you’re around someone you don’t know very well during this cleanse, you will ask them “What do you secretly fear may be true about your life?”

I’m done with less than real conversations and the boring questions of: Where do you work? What do your kids do? Etc…etc….etc… After you pose the question proceed to tell them what you secretly fear may be true about your life to make them feel more comfortable. Then ask them to answer the question. You may explain you’re involved in a fear challenge, if you like.

The fear challenges will be announced on the Facebook group daily, but here’s the challenge for day one:

Day 1: Fear Challenge

Throw something out. I’m not asking you to chuck your most sentimental object nor am I asking you to chuck food that went bad in the fridge. Throw something out (or give something away) you’ve been considering chucking but feel uncomfortable about. Maybe it’s a pair of underwear, or a dead plant you can’t keep alive anymore. Maybe it’s all those spare old toothbrushes you have under the sink. There’s something in your life that when you see it, it crosses your mind to throw it out but you haven’t. It can’t be something too easy either like the bad food in the fridge. Feel a little discomfort about it. Chuck more than one thing, if you like!


  1. Fear Question

Another way we’re explore fear is having a daily fear question to journal about. Again this helps you get comfortable with the uncomfortable, but it also takes the ambiguity out of your fear. When you identify your fear, it removes its ambiguous power and control over you. It’s funny how your brain amplifies your fears running a muck in your head, when you haven’t fully identified it.

The fear question to journal for the day will be announced on the Facebook group daily, but here’s the journaling question for day one:

You guessed it! Your turn first!

Day 1: Fear Question

What do you secretly fear may be true about your life?



  1. Gratitude Thought Switch

Incorporating more gratitude into your life changes your life and makes you the happiest you can be. You hold yourself back by looking at what you don’t have. This causes you to be more negative looking at your lack. Often depression can stem from lack of gratitude. Start using gratitude to increase happiness and abundance in your life. You single-handedly have power over your own happiness.

Here’s where we take one action step on watching the thinker. Throughout the nine days become aware, when your mind starts thinking about what you don’t have or focuses on what others have and you think you need. Try to switch your thoughts to something you’re thankful and grateful for and what you do have in your life. This conscious perspective change can be enough to change your whole life.

Here’s a few examples:

  • When you get a bill express gratitude. Think about how lucky you are to have clean drinking water, or how you stay connected with your loved ones with your cell phone.
  • Express gratitude for your relationships, when you find yourself getting a little annoyed with other people, or perhaps you had to release a friend or a loved from your life. What have you learned from this experience or relationship to be grateful for? All the happy times and experiences you had together. The fact you even had the experience of being with that person.
  • How about your weight or a particular part of your body you’re unhappy with? Be happy your body is actually functioning well in good health.


Evening Details: Exercises & Activities Best Performed After 6pm and Prior to Bed

  1. Record Reoccurring Thoughts From Watch The Thinker

You’ve collected data and observed your thoughts for the day. In your journal every evening, record your thought trends. You can include specifics and general themes. What thoughts repeat, do you see a trend or a theme, do you notice something extra shocking.

As I mentioned previously, there’s been times my thoughts often tell me I’m not good enough and can’t do something. Like writing this chakra cleanse. They keep me thinking about the future like everything I have to get done to meet deadlines. Lots of anxiety and guilt. What’s in your thoughts?

Once you write them down, I think you will be very surprised what we hear in our heads all day. No wonder we feel like crap.


  1. Gratitude Journaling

We close every cleanse day with gratitude journaling, but you have to do it right to get the benefits! Be very specific! That’s the key.

Every evening before bed grab your journal and list three things you’re grateful for that day. The devil is in the details, so under each thing you will write down five specific details why you’re they luckest person even and so grateful.

Here’s my example from New Year’s Eve:

  1. I’m grateful for my friend Rylan

-He’s almost always available when I have a technical problem and fixes it without ever asking for money. He helped me with the replay audio today.

-We have tons of fun doing absolutely normal things together. Like going out to eat or going grocery shopping.

-My furnace went down on Boxing day and he came over to help fix it. Thanks to him I’m warm and less overwhelmed today

-He’s really easy to talk to, so I always feel comfortable around him both on the phone and in person. We talked on the phone for quite a while today

– I’m extremely fortunate to have a male friend who expects nothing more than friendship, and he’s not disrespectful nor inappropriate.


  1. I’m grateful for my working computer

My computer’s old and it’s been through a lot yet it still continues to work

-I was able to do my whole live cleanse class, write the content, and edit the replay on my computer.

-I use it daily to stay connected, and it really does do everything I need right now. Thank you so much for handing in there computer

-It’s maintaining all my memories of photos and content

-I watch movies, educate myself, write on it, listen to music on it still. It really is my main source of entertainment and livelihood.


  1. I’m grateful for my dog Dodge

-I’m so thankful he spent all of 2017 with me, and we’re going into 2018 together.

-I’m thankful he’s patient and always waits patiently for my attention

-He’s always happy to see me and loves cuddles and being pet at anytime.

-He’s always there for me when I’m sad giving me kisses

-He keeps me walking an exercising despite me not always being motivated. Sure feels good when we get outside.


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