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Holy Duck It’s MONDAY!

Chakra Warrior Newsletter #2

Hola Chakra Warriors!

Welcome to the fall equinox, and it’s a powerful one! We’re just recovering from all the emotions associated with the beautiful full harvest supermoon in pieces we had, as we head into the season of change. What are you preparing for in this new season of change? What thoughts or feelings have been tugging at your heart chakra that you haven’t been acknowledging or releasing? What do you need to prepare for mentally, emotionally, or physically before winter hits?

Change is Universal, we can’t avoid it or escape it – even though many people try their hardest to stay in their programmed realities with little of the unknown. Change is good. It pushes us forward and forces us to grow and evolve. The more you fight it and resist, the harder it will feel; you’ll miss the gift of learning and will likely keep making the same mistakes until you accept what is happening, acknowledge it in your body and choose to release it with intention and love. This fall equinox, go with the flow of change in your sacral chakra, then release that which holds you back in the heart chakra, then do your part to make change happen straight from your solar plexus.

If you aren’t already part of the 8 Day Chakra Cleanse you will most definitely want to join! We talk a lot about releasing fear and healing the chakras, while we head into this season of change. I also post a lot of videos of my own personal journey because we know this is an ongoing process, one of never ending changes and shifts.

For this Monday, read insights on flowing with change, receive guidance from my top performing videos and posts, words of wisdom from me and the team, chakra cleansing information, and I always pull a card for you chakra warriors each week! First I have an exciting announcement, because I’m expanding my team! This means my clients get more attention and knowledge on putting their purpose out to the world, and this may also be an amazing opportunity for you to join our team!

We are in the process of HIRING new superstars! Is that you? Are you a SALES TOP PERFORMER? Do you have experience as a SALES CONSULTANT? Then consider being our LEAD SALES CONSULTANT!

Who are we looking for?

Our main mandate is a certain personality with background or experience being secondary, Contracting with Just B Coaching IS THE BEST, so we’re looking for the best top performers! We don’t hire solely on backgrounds. We hire top producers. This opportunity is NOT for everyone. It is for an open-minded, dynamic individual up for the challenge.

To read the full job posting click: Indeed


Brittany is a featured guest speaker at this year’s WEcon: Women’s Evolution Conference, October 19th & 20th in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Tickets are currently on sale and we have the link provided below. Go online, learn more about this amazing gathering and make sure to grab a friend and your seats as you don’t want to miss Brittany hitting the stage.

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LIVE Ask ME Anything THIS THURSDAY October 3 @ 6pm MT in the 8-Day Chakra Cleanse Facebook group. Ask me anything about healing, forgiveness, grief, letting go, flowing with change…First come first served. I’ll be answering questions for chakra warriors who show up to the live in the group. Can’t wait! See you THIS THURSDAY!


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Guidance from the Just B Team:

Ken B.

“Profound loss can teach us to appreciate change.”
The most profound change in my life recently was the death of my mother, just over a year ago. After she passed, everything was different. The change felt even more profound, as the new “normal” had become the situation of dealing with the illness – that sort of thing consumes every bit of your existence, while it’s happening.
During the time of my mother’s illness I took a break from work, returning not long after all the the practicalities were dealt with. I learned despite what was happening in my personal life, things don’t just stop and stand still. Life goes on around you. Despite my grief I found the resolve to go back and finish the last few classes that I had put off to finish my degree. That was no easy task. The passing of my mother and experiencing that grief has taught me a lot about life. Change is sometimes hard; but it is constant. Everything is in a state of evolution, growth or death. Experiencing profound loss has made me appreciate the chaos of change, because as Brittany says, “Chaos is progress.”

How this helped Brittany this week:
One thing Ken and I share is both being motherless, and we make the Just B Coaching office environment a place of heart chakra and grief healing. Giving team members the time to be with their loved ones during very imperative times of change was put to the forefront of my mandate, as I didn’t have it when I was an employee. Now Ken and I move through our grief together discussing our mom’s whenever we need to either celebrate their lives or move through our ever shifting grief. As the holiday season approaches with Thanksgiving first, this becomes even more important for Ken and I.

Terri B.

“Have faith the Universe will guide you…”
As the season of change is upon us, it is so important for us to have faith the Universe has a reason for everything and will direct us in the direction we are to go. Having faith in what is meant to be will always be is something that comforts me during times of unknown. For me, when I fight change and resist…I often just suffer more down the road and sink more into grief rather than accepting my path and working with my fear and uncertainty. Try your best to welcome change with open arms and find the silver lining in every situation as with every hard change or uncomfortable situation often comes even BETTER things than you could have though possible for yourself.

How this helped Brittany this week:
I’ve went through a lot of changes lately – letting go of a relationship, healing from my dogs passing, and the ups and downs of cash flow in my business. Believing before I see and putting my trust in the universe, while I do my part has guaranteed my success and healing. This is one of the main concepts I teach my clients to make manifestation happen in their lives. Terri and I share this mindset wholeheartedly and share this every single day.

Candace F.

“SWAP: Why is this happening to me for why is this happening for me”
Have you ever looked at a situation with objective eyes and tried to mentally and emotionally disconnect from it? Finding answers deep in the depths of a complicated experience is sometimes hard when you are sitting in it but it’s worth the try. Be an observer in your situation or life. What has everything up until now done FOR you? What has it taught you about yourself and those around you? Choosing to see the lessons brings a level of clarity that often can’t happen treading water in the deep end. Let go of expectations and playing the victim. YOU ARE ON THIS PLANET, HAVING THIS HUMAN EXPERIENCE FOR A REASON. All of your past hurdles are preparing you for something amazing and big, trust this. Trust that you have a purpose that deserves to be actualized – not just for your sake, but for the rest of humanity.

How this helped Brittany this week:
Taking a step back and looking at the situation takes us out of the thickness of the situation, and I recently did a video on this being one of the main methods to welcome forgiving yourself. Candace and I always try to remind ourselves we’re having a human experience here. Can we be a bit more gentle on ourselves, observe, and experience our human-ness. This has been a big lesson for me to implement, as I embrace chance.

Brittany Marie Smith

The Green Lady from the Oracle of the Dragonfae brings us a very powerful message at this time straight from the heart chakra. It brings me chills she came up, so here’s my intuitive message for you chakra warriors…

This card comes straight from the courage of the heart chakra with a touch of purposeful fire from the solar plexus chakra reminding you to move through your journey of change with patience, courage, and belief that you are on this beautiful planet for a purpose with a heart chakra center behind it, and it’s the journey you must patiently work through and embrace the shifts with ease and gentleness.

Do not deny your part in saving this world… “as you have within you all that is needed to create a better place for all”

Unconditionally, love, release, forgive, grieve, and let go… then do your part to connect, make the world a better place, and bring your purpose out to the world with oneness in mind.



Have you booked your FREE breakthrough call yet? What are you waiting for?! It’s a free call we offer to chakra warriors to help identify your blocks and give you clarity to move forward. We do them to get to know our audience more and close giving and receiving loops for manifestation.

And yes, if you’re a match for my program, then we may extend an offer for you to join us. If not no worries I can recommend further videos and books. Either way major clarity for you and people love the calls.

**Please note the calendar will ask you a few questions prior just so we can get a little more info about your situation prior to the call.

Top Video Guidance from 8-Day Chakra Cleanse Facebook Group

In our VERY FIRST newsletter we focused on the most common group comments and struggles in the 8-Day Chakra Cleanse group which centred around difficulty in moving past an ex and/or forgiveness of the self. This not only true for the group but also for me in my current situation and life. Even as a coach I still go through relationship ebbs and flows. I’ve been documenting my latest heart chakra release with my 30 Day Video Challenge. Being vulnerable isn’t easy but it is so worth it; knowing that I’m inspiring and helping others on their journey. Here are the top picks, including a hugely successful RELATIONSHIP Q&A I hosted from my favourite place, my hot tub!

Video 1: Never Force Your Presence On ANYONE

NEVER FORCE someone to want to BE WITH you, or FORCE someone to want to spend TIME with you! Build unconditional love and respect for yourself and others through allowing the space, when a person doesn’t want to give their time to you.


We’ve actually lost in-person connection with each other! Here’s one thing I do to increase connecting with others DAILY, as part of my journey to healing my heart chakra and reclaiming my authentic self.

Video 3: Are You Afraid of Becoming Your Parents?

My parents taught me some amazing things…And…Some not so amazing things…It’s time to stop negative generational cycles.

Video 4: September 19th, Relationship Q&A

HOLY DUCK, I LOVE THESE! I take on your questions and give guidance as we focus on RELATIONSHIPS and DATING! My journey of releasing and balancing my own heart chakra is one that I share openly. Tapping into my own intuition and drawing on my personal experience I offer insight into others’ personal love quest…from the comfort of my own hot tub of course!

MY TOP POST from 8-Day Chakra Cleanse Facebook Group

This post had an amazing thread of comments, people sharing and being vulnerable about their heart chakra struggles. What a perfect time for some inner self reflection and connecting with yourself. What is your biggest struggle right now?
I repost some of my videos often because they continue to be relevant, not only for you chakra warriors, but also for myself. The death of my mother was one of those life change moments and I find I continue to release grief in stages, since that time. As I continue to grow and evolve as a coach, sister, friend, boss, partner, entrepreneur new layers of myself are exposed and so I come back to videos such as this one, as a reminder of how far I’ve come in my journey but also, as a reminder that I still too have a lot to release and a lot to experience.


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**Please note the calendar will ask you a few questions prior just so we can get a little more info about your situation prior to the call.

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