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Holy Duck It’s MONDAY!

Hola Chakra Warriors!

Do you have a cash flow problem? Not enough hours in the day to get it all done? Do you feel like you keep missing signs from the universe? Are you caught up in not letting things go or have some forgiving to do…forgiving yourself?

You’re going to love my first newsletter, because it’s not only my throat chakra wisdom – my team jumps in to tell you how they help me every day too! The Just B team and I had a very busy two weeks working with new clients, launching our new Mindset Reset Monday lives, jumping on the 8-Day Chakra Cleanse to answer your relationship questions on Facebook lives, filming Brittany’s 30 Day Video Challenge, AND doing an in-person speaking event in Tisdale!

Expect to read insights, receive guidance from my top performing videos and posts, words of wisdom from me and the team, chakra cleansing information, and I always pull a card for you chakra warriors each week! First I have an exciting in-person event announcement coming in October!

LIVE IN PERSON SPEAKING EVENT! Brittany is a featured guest speaker at this year’s WEcon: Women’s Evolution Conference, October 19th & 20th in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Tickets are currently on sale and we have the link provided below. Go online, learn more about this amazing gathering and make sure to grab a friend and your seats as you don’t want to miss Brittany hitting the stage.

PLUS Here’s the biggest event happening this coming week YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS:

LIVE FREE Card Readings THIS THURSDAY September 26 @ 8pm MT in the 8-Day Chakra Cleanse Facebook group. First come first served. I’ll be performing mini readings for chakra warriors who show up to the live reading in the group. This is one of my most favorite things to do! Can’t wait! See you THIS THURSDAY!

Guidance from the Just B Team:

Ken B.

“Know your numbers…”
One important thing to always remember is KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t see a problem until it’s REALLY a problem. If you’re tracking regularly, you will have the opportunity to make a change to fix a problem you might not have otherwise known existed. This isn’t just finances, but performance metrics, too. Almost any sort of numeric data can be turned into a metric, if you’re keeping track of it continuously, and collecting it in a consistent way. Some things keep track of all sorts of metrics for you, like Facebook ads. If you actually pay attention to your stats, you can tell if what you are doing is working, or if you’re throwing money down a hole!

How this helped Brittany this week:
I show clients how to write and set up successful performing Facebook ads, and one of Ken’s jobs with the clients is teaching them how to monitor and read the metrics on their ads, so they aren’t throwing away money in their business. Ken manages the whole Facebook ad portfolio for Just B Coaching and ensures successful performance daily then we teach our clients to do the same.

Terri B.

“Own your day!”
Do you have a handle on how your day is going to go? What about tomorrow…do you know how your day will unfold? For most people, they get up and become a slave to everyone and everything calling their name. If you want to be successful and stay on track with your goals you need to create healthy habits and structure to keep you on track! Be aware of your productivity. Keep track of how closely you stick to your schedule and observe the situations and times when fall short. Adjust where you need but plan your schedule for the week in advance AND refine nightly for the next day. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, some people create and maintain million dollar companies while others make excuses! Take responsibility for your time and own your day!

How this helped Brittany this week:
Terri always gives me a reminder to stay organized and keep to my habits. At Just B Coaching, we have something called ‘got a minute time’ we’re implementing. We literally put time in our schedules, when other team members can ask questions, we respond to clients, and it allows some room for natural distractions in our work days. This keeps the distractions to a focused time in the day, so they don’t turn into a series of energy leaks throughout the day.

Candace F.

“Watch for signs…”
Often when I hear people talking about how they feel stuck in their situations I wonder if they are missing opportunities or clues from the Universe around how to get ‘unstuck’. Sometimes when we are so entrenched in a ‘shitty’ situation we are consumed by THAT only and become oblivious to the opportunities presenting themselves. This is also a perfect time to get creative and brainstorm ways to move out of your current sticky spot and up level yourself. It is easy to play victim. By taking responsibility for your piece of the puzzle, and for the situation you empowering yourself to feel more in control of the outcome. Truthfully, you are never stuck. It’s all just a learning. Look inward for the answers you are looking for and keep your eyes wide open for your next opportunity out…

How this helped Brittany this week:
Candace often steps in for me to assist advising clients and helps write the 90-Day Chakra Cleanse program. At Just B Coaching, we believe in trusting your unfolding path with the universe, and allowing the universe to do its part while you do your own steps. Do your part and watch for universal signs to propel you forward.

Brittany Marie Smith

This week’s card pull for chakra warrior guidance was from my Chakra Insight Oracle deck was ‘Sexuality’, so here’s my intuitive message for you…
There’s been a lot of talk about relationships amongst the 8-Day Chakra Cleanse group and my clients. Understanding the differences between how men express themselves and how woman express themselves is key to balancing feminine and masculine energy and having happy fulfilling relationships. One part of sacred sexuality, as a woman, is being able to understand this and connecting with your partner on a physical level. You know those times in the past, where you’ve had sex and just waited for it to be over? Or for whatever reason you just couldn’t get into it sometimes. Was it you? Was it them? Probably a bit of both.

Let’s go to another past scenario. You were desperately trying to share with your partner how you feel, and they seemed to clue out, walk away, or just get plain angry. Either way…your emotional needs weren’t satisfied.
Did you know the two above scenarios are the same? You checking out during sex drops the connection with him like him walking away during you expressing how you feel. Men communicate best physically and women communicate best emotionally due to our upbringing, and both types of communications must be fulfilled to have a successful romantic relationship balancing the masculine and feminine. I’ve heard this story many times about woman just checking out of their body during something physical, because of our cultural conditioning, body shame, or past trauma. It’s really hard to identify and be present in our bodies but we must to completely heal, balance ourselves, and have healthy relationships.


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And yes, if you’re a match for my program, then we may extend an offer for you to join us. If not no worries I can recommend further videos and books. Either way major clarity for you and people love the calls.

Top Video Guidance from 8-Day Chakra Cleanse Facebook Group

The most common group comments I’ve seen in the 8-Day Chakra Cleanse group these past couple weeks is chakra warriors struggling with getting over their ex and forgiving themselves, so here’s my top four videos I’ve made to assist with that in the past couple weeks:


Video 2: She’s not YOURS. She’s just YOUR TURN.

To release your heart chakra, make peace that EVERYONE WILL LEAVE YOU ONE DAY.
Do you struggle to let go, heal from past relationships, or love freely?

Video 3: DON’T fall in LOVE with POTENTIAL. Potential is SHIT WITHOUT ACTION

In day five of releasing my heart chakra and stepping into my authentic self, I explore that fine line between expectation and inspiration.

Video 4: Do you struggle with forgiving yourself?

Here’s 3 things you can do to START FORGIVING YOURSELF today

MY TOP POST from 8-Day Chakra Cleanse Facebook Group

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