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The Anatomy of a Psychic Card Reading

I view card readings, as artistic expressions. Like a violinist gracefully playing a song or an artist painting a beautiful expressive painting. The card reader uses her sharpened intuition to lay out a puzzle, which she must interpret about your life using both her intuition and experiences.

Will the card reader play an incorrect note? Perhaps, but the majority of the songs performed will play out flawlessly. The accuracy of the reader depends on their natural intuitive abilities and how much they practice their abilities.

I help people become the best versions of themselves. But, truthfully, I’m not the ideal card reader for every client. In writing this, I hope to attract only ideal client matches. I don’t want to disappoint people, and I don’t want people wasting their money. I guess that’s why I have a money back guarantee on all my card readings.

I believe in fate and things happening for a reason, but I also believe in hard work, change, transformation, growth, and people having a part in their fate.

I believe in accountability, carving your path, and earning your life and truth.

I believe in becoming the best version of yourself.

Some things happen no matter what, but life isn’t about sitting back and waiting for things to happen. You have a part in making things happen.

For example, if you want the partner the cards say is coming, you’re advised do x,y,z to get him. But, instead, you’re so scared to do x,y,z or don’t know how. Then you blame the cards for being wrong, because he doesn’t come along or you deterred him. Hello. Please take some accountability for your life.


Lets say you do x,y,z and he comes along, but the guy sabotages it because he’s afraid of relationships and didn’t find the support he needed to help him through his fear. Then the happily every after story ends there.

Things happen. The point I’m making is there’s human factors and choices influencing outcomes. Sure there’s things guaranteed to happen, but often you have to work and grow before earning the reward. That’s what life’s about. Growing.

If you don’t want to put in the work, you should find another reader. Alternately, if you don’t know how to do x,y,z, consider coming back for intuitive coaching sessions, or find a group or a different individual to support your growth.

Even in my own card readings, I flip cards often offering a couple options. Intuitively, I’m gravitated to one option, but often I see either option happening depending on the people involved. Life’s interesting because there’s elements of fate and human choices mixed together making for an interesting adventure.

If you want magic, fortune-telling and faeries, you should go to someone else. I’m all about hard work, growth, and soul evolution. If you’ve done all your growing and evolving or don’t want to put in the work, I’m not the gal for you.

My readings can assist in finding out where to go next on your path. They often open options and provide validation. I’m a great person to see about life purpose, relationships, decisions needing to be made, loving yourself, living a better life, and validation.

Every client who sits in front of an intuitive reader needs proof of the reader’s intuitive abilities. I have to prove by advising them on something about their life I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Ak talk about pressure!

Once we get passed proving my intuitive abilities, then I work with less heaviness to come forward with a solution, improvement, or advice on your life situation. It’s easier to read without  judgments or expectations from the client. It’s very hard, especially as an intuitive person feeling people’s emotions, to get past the thick layer of judgement between them and the client. It’s like going to work everyday and doing the same job, but you have a new boss daily you need to prove yourself to.

I understand, I’ve been the client and paid good money for readings, but it creates an extra layer the reader fights through. When this happens to myself, I try my best to focus on why I do this in the first place. The client sitting across from me, even though they judge my abilities and accuracies, still needs advice to improve their life. Just knowing I can advise them on making their life better through tapping accurately into my intuitive abilities fuels me to move past the heavy layers.

This blog post was inspired by one absolutely terrible reading. I still learned from the situation, but it was a bad experience for both of us.  I brought up the topic of sexual abuse, and she told me I was wrong informing me she was raped not sexually abused. She also asked me about curses, and I couldn’t advise her properly. I’m not an expert on curses. This was a case of both something I couldn’t advise on and someone in denial at this point in their life. It’s very important for clients and I to be on the same page. I’m here to help not waste time and money for both of us.

Think of me as a combination of an artist and a life coach. I lay out the cards, give you my interpretation, then we discuss further. For the reasons above, I changed my business policy to only allow half hour readings for first time clients in an effort to prevent mismatches. These half hour readings prove to be a great way to know if we match without spending a ton of money and time.

For those who have already met me, had their first half hour reading, free consult, or read this blog post, clients can book additional coaching sessions (usually lasting an hour to an hour and a half), if they liked the experience.





In addition to experiencing professional intuitive readers, I highly recommend every person gets their own simple oracle deck. Cards act as great tools to guide us in everyday life. They help calm and provide guidance. See cards as tools providing comfort, guidance, and calmness especially during times of transformation in your life.

Everyone thinks they can’t flip their own cards accurately. Wrong! You can probably interpret your own cards more accurately than an outside reader. After all, you know yourself best! Sure, the cards may tell you things you don’t want to hear, because they challenge your growth, but at least you know the full story behind the cards relating to your life.

I read my own cards and like to go to other readers sometimes, because I love hearing their interpretation. Although we read our own cards best, it’s always refreshing to get an outside opinion.

Many people worry about choosing the correct cards from the deck, when they flip for themselves.

Here’s how I practiced:

Start with choosing three cards however you want: shuffling until they fall out, shuffling once then plucking three out, or shuffling between your card choices. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Just have fun like practicing anything else. It’s likely two of three cards will be accurate in a three card reading for beginners. Humans are born intuitive. When you get a card seemingly inaccurate, think back to how you felt and what lead you to pick that particular card from the deck. Once you get used to your patterns and feelings around accurate and inaccurate card choices, then you can become more accurate over time.

How do I pick cards? I first started noticing cards just sticking out of the deck after I shuffled. Usually I gravitated to a certain card, as it was outlined in my head or caught my attention. Today, I still use those practices, but now I’ve evolved to getting a feeling in my stomach or chest, if I’ve made an accurate selection. I also sometimes now here a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in my head.

I use cards to answer questions about my business and relationship. They often provide me accurate guidance. Give it a try on yourself. You will be shocked how the cards give accurate information providing comfort, validation, and guidance.

Sharpen intuitive abilities the same way you learn anything else. With practice. In addition to practicing card flips, I recommend introducing a daily meditation practice into your life. Even for ten minutes. Remember to consider all interpretations for the cards. For example, you pull a pregnancy card. This can be interpreted literally, or you can consider it a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings, or a nine-month time period until something happens. Please watch for my open studios in your area to assist readers with reading their own cards and interpretations.

Here’s my top three deck choices for beginners to pick up from their local metaphysical shop, my open studios, or Amazon:

  1. A great deck to flip one or two cards from daily: Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

2. Here’s another easy to use deck by Doreen Virtue: Messages from Your Angels


Messages from Your Angels

3. Not into angels so much? Maybe try playing with the Fairies: Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards


Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards

 4. Also try working with chakras. It’s the hardest of my four suggestions but still a nice beginner deck: Chakra Insight Oracle

Chakra Insight Oracle

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