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Convert Men to Dedicated Partners Using Seduction Profiling

Since the first time I picked up Robert Greene’s book: Art of Seduction four years ago, I fell in love with profiling everyone I came across according to their seduction profiles. Now in my intuitive coaching business, I use defense strategies and seduction profiling, as part of my relationship coaching.     I spent my […]


Wisdom: A Throat Chakra Sound Bath Meditation

Wisdom: A Throat Chakra Sound Bath Meditation Guided Meditation, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Grids, Discussion Circle For Woman & Men 18+ Thursday, Oct 5, 6-9pm @Brittany Marie Smith’s Office – 219A 21st Street East, Saskatoon, SK Class Description A guided¬†meditation using crystal singing bowls¬†with Brittany Marie Smith, Katherine Dempsey, and products from VibeH2O. This workshop […]