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Stuck In The House Does NOT Mean Retreating On Your Goals, Money, Mindset, Confidence, & Purpose!

I’m OPENING THE DOOR to my 90-Day Chakra Cleanse to help you EXPAND during COVID19… FOR FREE!! For the first time ever…I’m releasing 35 days of my high ticket program content to keep you b[...]

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If you do what’s fun, fast, easy, your life gets worse

  Here’s everyone’s problem: we lack patience and look for shortcuts. If you do what’s fun, fast, and easy, your life will get worse. In the past couple months, I’ve been seduced by f[...]

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After My Abortion: Day 1-7

What’s life like day 1-7 after an abortion? With the tremendous support and response from my first episode of my podcast ‘My Abortion I Had Yesterday’, I decided to continue document[...]

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